Eloping in Southern Utah


Have you ever wanted to skip the big wedding and use that money for eloping in your own way?

If you have a dream of an elopment at an epic location, I am all for that! That is exactly what my couple Hunter and Kelsie did. They wanted to make their elopement an all day thing with plenty of adventures and beautiful locations. 

Kelsie started with an early morning hair and makeup session by a local artist.

We then set out for an off roading Jeep adventure. It was about a two hour drive and 30 minutes of that being tough terrain. We ended up at a secret location and it was so worth it. The views were amazing! 

They got ready by their Jeep and then said their vows while the sun rose behind them. It was absolutely beautiful. While they were exchanging vows, we had the florist, Kennedy, setting up their table to have their first meal as husband and wife.

After breakfast, we walked around for some more portraits before heading out. 

embracing each other at the table after eloping

What I love most about this location is the variety of views that you get. You look in one direction and you see nothing but cliffs. Another direction you see mountains and water. It is the perfect location if you are wanting some adventure and don’t mind waking up early in the morning. I promise you, eloping it is so worth it!

Stay tuned for the second part of their adventure elopement. 

HMUA : @amanstyled

Florist : @designedby.kenn

Gown : @rawgoldenrentals

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